Eco Wood Pellet Ltd. is an international company, providing dedicated expertise to special clients, who are developing construction and building wood processing infrastructure, in the Eastern European countries.

Eco Wood Pellet Ltd. together with its partners with 20 years of experience in the field of installation of Wood &Biomass Pelletizing Plants. We have a broad experience in the field of pelletizing, numerous plants are installed across Europe ans Middle East. Our pellet plants are particularly designed for products which are difficult to be pelletized, such as the wood waste (logs, wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust) and the other biomass materials. We design, customize and provide biomass pellet plants according to the requirement of the customer considering the capacity and the local conditions.

Eco Wood Pellet Ltd. is a consultancy providing specialized services to the wood processing industries. Our employees are qualified project managers, consultants and engineers, with a huge experience practical and technical and knowledge in construction, design and installation of wood processing developments around the world. Our employees have serious approach to their work in order to make sure that your project is delivered in time and in a cost effective manner. We add value to all developed projects and provide you with personalized service, which will lead to the delivery of your project in the most professional way.

Eastern Europe

We deliver a wide list of services, from concept through design and construction to the management and maintenance of a project.

We operate in few sectors where change, globalization, market conditions and competition drive our customers even harder to be more innovative, flexible and adaptable. Our combination of knowledge, professional skill, technology and positive attitude enables us to obtain real value for our customers.

We have representatives’ offices in Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

Eco Wood Pellet Ltd. support clients with professional and specific expertise, and we bring an entire project vision from conception, through planning and design to project delivery.

  • Wood processing consulting
  • Wood pellet consulting
  • Sawmill consulting
  • Timber resources analysis
  • Project design
  • After sale services