Wood pellet consulting

Wood pellets are manufactured from woody biomass fuel made from compressed wood waste usually sawdust or shavings. The moisture content is around 6-8% and no resin is used as lignin is the binder. In today’s economy, where oil prices constantly vary and global energy consumption is at a peak, consumers are looking for renewable energy to heat their homes, and wood pellets have begun to fill that need in earnest. The current demand for wood pellets is far surpassing supply.

Designing a wood pellet plant is not simply purchasing the complete wood pellet production machines, especially for the wood pellet-manufacturing beginners who may do not even know where to begin. Because the wood pellet plant manufacturing project is complex, there are so many factors and aspects to be considered, and different risks to be assessed. Therefore, if you want to build a successful wood pellet plant, a professional wood pellet plant design consultant is helpful. A professional wood pellet plant design consultant can minimize delays in getting your wood pellet plant up and running and avoid unanticipated costs. Based on years’ experience on wood pellet plant design and feedback from our customers, we are glad to share our expertise with you.

Pellets- biomass

Eco Wood Pellet Ltd. is experienced, innovative and impartial in its search for the best possible solutions for clients. Beside recommending suitable wood pellet equipment we also offer feasibility studies, preliminary plant design, preparation of permit applications and request for proposals, detailed engineering and design, project management, plant construction management and commissioning & start-up support as well as plant monitoring, troubleshooting, post-commissioning and process optimization.

Eco Wood Pellet Ltd. has performed several feasibility studies for the production of wood pellets from mill residuals to chipping wood logs. The analysis covers the following factors:

  • Raw material supply analysis
  • Pellet market assessment
  • Technical assessment of pellet plant
  • Financial analysis and assessment of economic impact of proposed plant

On the following pages can be found the most common pellet plant we install:

In case your requirements are different, please do not hesitate to contact us.